Nucleus (Nucs) honey bee boxes are the perfect place to start for new beekeepers or experienced keepers who lost lives over the winter.  Our Nucs are a small hive that consist of five 'deep' frames mixed of mostly brood (laid eggs) and drawn out foundation, a young mated queen, and about 10,000-15,000 bees.  Purchasing a nuc ensures greater success in hive growth by removing supercedre and pheromone issues you might have with a cheaper bee package.  Less queen loss, faster growth, more honey!  We advise that you install shortly after purchase. To install, take a nuc and five other 'deep' frames, place all ten frames in a 'deep' box and you're on your way to a robust hive!  ‘Deep’ boxes and additional frames may be purchased, depending on supplies, for an additional cost.  Available for pick up in the middle-late spring

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(518) 756-8228

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