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Honey Bee Nucs in NY


Nucleus (Nucs) honey bee boxes are the perfect place to start for new beekeepers or experienced keepers who lost lives over the winter.  Our Nucs are a small hive that consist of five 'deep' frames mixed of mostly brood (laid eggs) and drawn out foundation, a young mated queen, and about 10,000-15,000 bees.  Purchasing a nuc ensures greater success in hive growth by removing supercedre and pheromone issues you might have with a cheaper bee package.  Less queen loss, faster growth, more honey!  We advise that you install shortly after purchase. To install, take a nuc and five other 'deep' frames, place all ten frames in a 'deep' box and you're on your way to a robust hive!  ‘Deep’ boxes and additional frames may be purchased, depending on supplies, for an additional cost.  Available for pick up in the middle-late spring

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